Management for individual property units

Investors may live some distance away from their investment property, which makes it difficult for them to organise individual property unit management for the flats that they let. We are there, locally, and can undertake all the necessary work.

Alongside management for multi-owner residential properties in accordance with the German Residential Property Act (Wohneigentumsgesetz, WEG), we can therefore also offer management for individual property units [Sondereigentumsverwaltung]. We have extensive experience and an excellent network of partners in this field.

Individual property unit management services

  • Careful tenant selection
  • Legally effective tenancy agreements securing your rights
  • Flat return and handover
  • Tenant support
  • Rent accounting and payment management including payment collection/reminders
  • Utilities and service charge invoicing for tenants
  • Coordinating and organising repairs and concluding maintenance contracts for the individual property unit
  • Utilities and service charge adjustments

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