Rental property management

A rental flat is different from all other investments in one fundamental way: it is inhabited and in use. Repairs, servicing, maintenance and other work must also be carried out. Do you lack the time to organise all of this work yourself?
No problem. We can provide individual residential property management in other words complete property management for your individual flat. As individual rental property manager, we act on behalf of the landlord, and with all of the landlord's rights and obligations as set out in the tenancy agreement. We act on behalf of the owner.

We seek to reduce your workload and pressures, and to turn your property into a successful investment for both landlord and tenant.

Our services

  • Obtaining information from credit information agencies
  • Careful tenant selection
  • Conclusion of tenancy agreements
  • Flat handover
  • Tenant support
  • Regular property visits and meetings with caretakers and tenants
  • Coordinating and organising repairs, concluding maintenance contracts and selecting reliable partners
  • Ensuring compliance with the house rules
  • Rent accounting and payment management including payment collection/reminders
  • Implementing rental increases and changes to utilities charges in accordance with statutory regulations
  • Punctual and correct tenant invoicing
  • Direct contact and consultation with the owner on important issues

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