Flats, residential buildings and commercial premises

Are you looking for a new home? Do you need new office or shop space for your business?
We can find you the right flat, the right house or the right commercial premises to meet your needs and specifications.

Looking for the right tenants for your property?

Do you own a property and are looking for new tenants? If you let your flat or house, you are entering into a relationship of trust. A thorough assessment of potential tenants is needed if you are to be happy with the letting process in the long term. We do not just market your flat, we make the first contact with potential tenants and check their financial standing. Drawing on our extensive experience and this personal contact, we can judge whether or not a potential buyer is suitable for your flat or your house.

We can let your commercial property

We also make the first contact with potential tenants for our clients' commercial properties. We manage the tenancy agreement negotiations and the handover of rental property.

Are you looking for a property to rent, or would like to use our letting service? Simply contact us.