Commercial property management

Are you the owner or part-owner of commercial property, and looking for professional support and management services? We currently offer commercial property management services both in and beyond the Leipzig area, with clients in Erfurt, Gotha, Zwickau, Lübben, Meissen and a number of other towns. We are the ideal partner for the management of your commercial property.

Our services

  • Letting for vacant property, including credit checks and applicant assessment
  • Tenancy agreements for commercial properties
  • Tenant services
  • Payment monitoring for rent, utilities and service charges
  • Claims management
  • Deposit management
  • Professional accounting and management of individual property accounts
  • Advising on and implementing rental increases; monitoring and implementing indexed rents and graduated rent increases
  • Utilities and service charge invoicing
  • Insurance management
  • Advising on, managing and monitoring maintenance and repair work
  • Regular property inspections and individual support
  • Coordinating and monitoring caretaker services
  • Processing warranty claims
  • Monitoring and coordinating changes of tenant
  • Vacancy management
  • Contract management
  • Correspondence with public authorities and tenants
  • Client invoicing
  • Budgeting

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